christmas decorating: inflatables.

i'm only saying this because i have a tendency to say racy and controversial things on my blog:  i think christmas yard inflatables are the weirdest.

you know what i'm talking about.  those bizarre, five-to-ten-feet-tall blow up snowmen/santas/snoopies/whatever that people love putting all over their front lawns.  i just don't get them.  i find them tacky and it's a bit unnerving to me that some of them are tall enough to watch me sleep through my bedroom window.  because honestly, i really think they do that.  because what other purpose could they possibly serve?

unfortunately for todd, i was at walmart the other day and saw how much those things cost.  THEY'RE LIKE A HUNDRED BUCKS PER INFLATABLE.   and have you ever noticed that most people who have one have like seven?  it's like instead of investing their fortunes in iowa farm land or gold bricks, they thought this was the more solid way to go.  so everytime we're driving now i insist on pointing out things like, 'oh my word, that's like three hundred bucks right there' or 'four hundred dollars?! on INFLATABLES?!'

and deep down, i know todd loves being interrupted for my latest observation of the 'devil-may-care' fiscal and aesthetic choices of our neighbors, which is why i continue to do it.  it really is all for him.


todd said...

oh, that's why you do it?


A Cush said...

I couldn't agree more! Those things are obnoxious and what a waste of money. Happy Holidays! :)

Meagan said...

Ha! This made me laugh a grim "I here ya there" and "glad I'm not alone" kinda laugh. We just moved out of a town where every house and trailor had like, ten of them for each holiday that they managed to squeeze in their yards between the multiple strollers/baby carriers, broken toilets and lawn gnome armies. But when the city came up with this crazy ordinance that home owners would be fined for things like giant holes in roofs and lack of any sort of siding or covering on homes the people were up in arms. How could they possibly afford home maintenance? I guess I'd start Craigslisting my gnomes and inflatables. But maybe that's just me. You just stay classy Hutchinson. And yeah, my husband heard about it every time we drove anywhere. And now, in our new and nice town, he hears about how the billion over-the-top Christmas lights displays on all night could be shut off and about ten wells could be dug in Africa with that money instead. Poor poor man. And I'll close this awkwardly long post with a warm and heartfelt Merry Christmas. :)