i know, i know, i'm a week late in posting this.  but that's how i roll.  stuff gets posted either late or never.  i'm cool with it.

i made as much as i could ahead of time, including desserts, mashed potatoes and rolls, which meant thanksgiving morning was able to kick off somewhat slowly with tea sipping and good conversation with my bestest of unrelated-to-me best friends, jeska.  (she spent the night on wednesday and was able to hang out thursday morning before going to her family's dinner in radcliff.)

however, stuff did start to pick up as i started wrapping the pre-brined turkey with bacon (yes.  bacon.  we're van voorsts.) and getting ingredients pulled together for the stuffing and green bean casserole.  (to my heart's deep and unending grief, french's fried onions and campbell's cream of mushroom are not gluten free, so we had to get creative.)

penelope got ready to help me load the 22-pound (plus 1.5 pounds of bacon) turkey into the oven.  she was just weighed at the doctor's office yesterday and she weighs 23.6 pounds.  virtually exactly the same weight as the finished turkey.  it was quite the job, but she conquered.

(why such a big turkey? short story short, it freezes beautifully and $0.68 a pound is a way better price than i can ever find whole roasting chickens for. cooks all at once and you're set for months.  boom. roasted.)

unfortunately, i was not as successful as i would have hoped with the turkey: even though the meat thermometer indicated the right internal temp, when i had my stepdoug carve it, it was still grossly undercooked inside. so he carved it all up, poured chicken broth over it and popped it back in the oven to cook through. not a total fail on my part, but it did turn out drier than i like and dinner was served an hour and a half later than planned. the hostess with the mostest i am not. the hostess with the mediumest, maybe.

i pulled out my random assortment of fancy dinnerware and table linens.  i'm super proud of my collection because virtually all of it was hand-me-downs or garage sale finds.  take a look below, for instance: 

okay, it's hard to see in this picture, so i'll break it down.  carafes full of soda: 50 cents each at garage sales (plus the price of soda, obviously.)  ice bucket:  gift from todd's mom.  antique crystal tumblers: heirlooms from my great-grandma.  cheesy floral plates with gold rims: up to $1 each at garage sales.  real silver flatware: 25 cents each at an estate sale.  blue gingham ceramic thingy: $1.87 on clearance at bath and bodyworks, paid with gift card.  table cloth: 25 cents at a garage sale.

all presented on an ikea console table.  freutiful.  (frugally beautiful for those of you without a van voorst lexicon.)

the gorgeous flowers jeska brought me along with my very favorite blue wine/water glasses.  i love royal blue glass.

the kids got to spend time with aunt lauren, who was instrumental in directing them away from all the hot surfaces and sharp untensils that inevitably show up at thanksgiving.  she is the reason our kitchen in no way resembled any part of sweeney todd.

again with the thrifty finds.  every single serving piece was a garage sale find, and the lamp was a used-to-be-old-nasty-brass one that some lady gave me for free and i had todd spray paint.  and that yellow bowl? got it for $4, then saw the same one at an antiques tent for $50.  probably coated in lead glaze, but it's gorgeous and super tactile so who cares?

enjoying the meal with the chorpening-kofoed clan.

discovering a zealousness for pumpkin pie.

hyped up on all the fat, sugar and caffeine in the mocha cheesecake.

helping with clean-up.  or rather, whisking imaginary soup around in the ice bucket while lauren and i did dishes.  btw, that pink bucket hat is sized 6-9 months, and he loves it more than his own mother.  he sleeps in it and wakes up crying because it fell off.  it is a permanent and (unbeknownst to him) awkward fixture on that sweet little head.

how was everyone else's thanksgiving? anyone else apathetic about lead poisoning their guests in the name of pretty presentation?


Allison said...

Sounds so fun! I love all of the decor!

I had the flu, went to thanksgiving, and passed it off to my brothers and sister. It was NOT fun!

The Crislers said...

Mocha cheesecake? *swoon*

whenjeskasparks said...

you were the best part of my thanksgiving. :) i wish i would have taken a picture with you. (that would make up for the picture of me in le boy's hoodie lookin' all sorts of swampy.)

((i'm not sure why i used 'swampy' as the adjective. it just seems to fit.))

love you love you love you.

todd said...

Jeska, you are right! I should have taken a picture of you and Paige. Lamexcore. My word verification is "salve." So I guess that is to put on your "swampy".