video vednesday: i am not afraid to tattle on zee perpetrator.

my project is entitled: i don't think it's fair on a field trip for teachers to force you to ride a horse that has crazy eyes and a bad attitude.

last week's video vednesday blew up my blog ratings, probably because it featured todd van voorst himself.  drawn to his irresistable charisma? (who are you kidding, you know you are.)  lucky you! he recently started a couple of new blogs: once for all delivered, where he discusses thoughts/things he's learning in the areas of doctrine and theology, and sports talk todd, where he pitches his analytical skill to ESPN to hopefully get picked up for his own show and make us RICH.  (crislers, put in a good word for him.)  actually, when he talks about sports, even i am genuinely interested, which is saying something.  so you should check it out.


todd said...

you are very kind my wife

whenjeskasparks said...

i love the fact that i knew exactly what this video was just by the title. "in my country we call her a paihn in ze boot." bahahaha. i love zac efron. and gilly. but most of all you.