celebreality monday.

i am not a germophobe.  or anything close to it.  which is kind of embarrassing to admit because i'm pretty sure that if you're a germophobe, you'll probably be disgusted at about 90% (margin of error: 10%) of what i'm about to write.

i admit to letting my kids eat days-old pretzels they find on the floor because, other than being stale, i don't really think it could really be all that harmful to their health.  to make matters worse, i'm letting them eat said pretzels off of a floor that has only seen the light of mop up to three times since we moved in seven months ago.  and maybe not even that many times, i really can't remember.  granted, i do draw the line at letting them eat old eggs or cheese or something off the floor, but that's mainly because i'm more than 75% sure that has the slight potential of landing them in the hospital, or at least resulting in some kind of fever or sickness that i personally would rather not deal with.  plus old cheese and eggs get crunchy and i'd like my kids to have a more refined palette than to settle for that.  because while i'm not a germophobe, i'm hoity-toity.

when my kids scrape their knees, i maybe wash out the wound with water - maybe - and if i have tea tree oil on hand, i figure that can't hurt.  but if it's out of reach, i just bandaid up the owie and call it good.

i run a big sink of water to wash my dishes in rather than using a dishwand and constantly running water, which really doesn't gross me out at all but i know some people will not be eating off my dishes now.

i clean my downstairs bathroom whenever we're having company, which is relatively frequently, so it stays relatively clean.  our upstairs bathroom, however, gets cleaned when the toothpaste film on the faucet gets too noticeable for even me to ignore.

i will add a caveat and say that i'm not entirely immune to getting the germ-creeps.  i do use hand sanitizer (occasionally, like in airports and stuff) and i can't stand it when, for whatever reason, public restrooms are not set up so that you can just push your way out the door or use a paper towel and throw it away while you hold the door open with your foot - Big Pharma must design target bathrooms.  i know it's a little weird, but i don't think i could ever own a cat because they stand in their own litter.  and don't even ask me how often i wash my hands...and counters...and dishes...and hands again when i'm working with poultry of any kind.

but really, other than weird little specifics like that, i couldn't care much less.  the word "antibacterial" as a selling point for anything actually makes me kind of not want to buy that thing.  and not entirely because of fears of superbugs or MRSA or whatever (although that's part of it), but more because i think someone's trying to dupe me out of my husband's hard-earned moolah.  because i believe firmly, undyingly, wholeheartedly in good old soap and hot water (and white vinegar for the especially gunky goop).  and while i recognize it's not enough to cut it in every scenario (please do not come anywhere near me with surgical equipment that's been sterilized with dawn dish soap), i really do think that most everyday, around-the-home, even toddler-related ick can be cleaned up with the basic, cheapo stuff people have been relying on for basically ever.

feel free to judge.  and to not want to bring your children to my house.  i'll understand. 


The Crislers said...

My mom is one of those scary infection control/school nurses, and one of the demonstrations she sometimes does at inservices involves this weird stuff she has two volunteers rub on their hands: one volunteer rubs it on after using Purel, one after washing with regular old soap and water, then she turns off the lights, uses a blacklight, and all the germs left on their hands show up. There are waaaay fewer germs on the soap and water person, so my mom proceeds to lecture about the advantages of manually scrubbing your hands with regular, normal soap and hot water. FYI.

todd said...

To follow the Crislers point, could anything produce more over confidence/paranoia all at the same time more then this new trend of hand sanitizers?

Anonymous said...

I am the same way with germs. Meat germs and barfing germs are the only ones that mean excessive hand washing, bleaching, and something labeled "Kills 99.9% of Germs."

YAYA said...

Ahhh, Paige! You make your mama proud!