the most recent addition to our family

i got the call yesterday.

penelope's glasses were in.

so we drove into town to pick them up and have them adjusted.  it was bittersweet, i have to say.  i'm thrilled that they're going to help her see better and correct the lazy eye, which you don't have to tell me is the most important thing.  but it's still sad to think that her pretty eyes will be covered up, and that her days without corrective lenses are over, probably for the rest of her life.  not to mention we're $473 poorer.  ouch.

however, putting all that aside, i think she looks pretty stinking cute.  and just from the looks of her, i secretly suspect that she could now beat me at trivial pursuit.  or science.

as you can see, she's wearing them during lunch.  she has NOT been a big fan of them, so i'm trying to acclimate her a little at a time by picking small chunks of time when she's distracted and her hands are busy.  hence the tomato sauce all over her face.

as i was taking these pictures, atticus wanted his picture taken too.  this is the pose he chose:

other than getting her to keep them on, one major problem i can foresee is that her hands frequently look like this:

i had to soap her glasses down twice in the fifteen minutes of lunch time, since they got REALLY grimy just from her trying to rub her eyes or push them up on her nose.

wish me luck.  i have no idea how long it will take to make these an all-day accessory.  or how on earth i'll be able to keep them clean enough that they'll actually aid her in seeing anything.


Allison said...

Norwex has an optic cloth that is GREAT for glasses, if I ever get one in my inventory I can let you try it out, I'm pretty sure it's antibac just like the cloths so it would kill the germs on her glasses.

She looks SUPER cute!

Jessica said...

Atticus totally chose the Napoleon Dynamite pose - proving he is your son. :) (not that there was much question about that)

I will be interested to hear how the glasses change Penelope's reaction to her environment. My perspection is -8.5 and -9 for left/right eyes. Legally blind is -4. I know how little I can see without glasses - and I can imagine that she will be seeing a whole new world.

You know when Jesus is healing the blind man and in the process he's asked what he can see. He says, "I see people; they're like trees walking around." This is a very accurate picture of what its like with a prescription like mine (and hers).