black friday. (or, why meatloaf is the only one who truly understands me.)

i will admit that i am a complete and total wuss when it comes to black friday.  i have never had the cahones to venture out and even attempt it, which is saying something if you know me at all and know how much i love a deal.  and it's definitely no indication that i judge people who do brave the crowds and the cold and the fatigue and the heightened risk of being stampeded to death.  in fact, i am kind of in awe of you if you are a regular black friday black widow.

so believe you me when i say i actually respect the whole concept of black friday, especially considering that i would not have my shiny, beautiful, workhorse, bright red, professional series kitchenaid stand mixer without the whole phenomenon.  (and also without the dedication of my wonderful mother-in-law jacqi and her quick and tiny best friend maggie, who darted into kohl's as soon as the doors opened and sat on the box so no one else would take it before jacqi could get to it.  THAT is true courage of heart and love for your daughter-in-law.)

but even still, like i said, i still can't bring myself to even consider participating myself.  and like i said, on the surface it doesn't seem to make sense since i love a deal and would marry a deal and would make babies with a deal.  but i think meatloaf said it best when he said, 'i would do anything for love the spice girls a deal, but i won't do that.'  anyone ever wonder what exactly he wouldn't do because they were too repulsed by the song to actually listen to the rest of the lyrics?  well, not me, and i'll tell what he wouldn't do for a deal: shop on black friday.

because meatloaf also has always been a person who needs lots of sleep, and is raising two toddlers and is pregnant and therefore especially exhausted, and also spent way too many hours on recess duty when he worked at fellows elementary to voluntarily stand out in the cold for long periods of time in the middle of the night when he could be in his nice warm bed next to his husband instead.

maybe that's not exactly what the song is about.  but that's the general idea, anyway, and i'm fully on board with him.

unfortunately for me, i did not realize that meatloaf released a subsequent though less popular hit titled, 'i chose to stay at home on black friday so i could sleep instead, but my toddler developed some kind of infection and i didn't get to sleep much anyway.'  i could have avoided a lot of surprise on thanksgiving night had i only listened more closely to meatloaf's entire catalog.

and i bet i'm the only person in the history of time who has ever uttered that last sentence.

anyway, is anyone out there more valiant than i who actually did venture out on black friday?  score any awesome deals?  anyone else dealing with an infected kid?

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