in like a lion, out like a meaner lion.

i know; it's supposed to be 'in like a lion, out like a lamb.'  and it's also supposed to be in reference to march, not october.  but whatever.  it seemed fitting.

the last two weeks have been absolutely insane.  here's a brief recap:

the weekend of the 22-23, todd's parents came to visit.  they took us to center grove orchard, where we played in the corn pool (and i got lots of corn down my pants), atticus showed off the socks he picked out himself, and also my camera died after like 15 minutes.

the 24th was todd's birthday, so i made him a pan of pumpkin bars and atticus decorated them.  i served todd his piece on our non-food-safe, free-at-a-garage-sale jimmy carter plate that i like to save for special occasions.  and since we have a tradition of carving pumpkins every year for his birthday, we did that a few days later.  (the kids painted theirs since i'm waiting until they get a little bigger before handing them serrated knives and letting them go to town.)  todd carved percy from 'thomas the tank engine.'  being pregnant and constantly hungry, i carved my pumpkin to resemble the best thing i could think of: a burger and fries.  (the golden arches are on the other side of the pumpkin.)

the following weekend, todd took to the task of conquering the storm windows.  i will not go into all of the blood, sweat, tears, and swearing those windows have cost us, i will just say that a) storm windows are probably somehow involved in interrogations at guantanamo and b) those suckers are NEVER. COMING. DOWN. EVER.

my mom came up on the 30th and brought with her the ADORABLE costumes she made for the kids.  we took them trick-or-treating monday morning at the downtown merchants' stores, and monday night we headed over to the nursing home in town.  penelope made a new friend who liked to call her 'my little peanut butter.'

penelope turned 18 months.

and i'm 24 weeks pregnant.

and while i don't have pictures of this, i'm about halfway done with my christmas planning/shopping.  (an awesome friend even took the kids for me one morning this last week so i could shop at a store with lots of breakables and no carts...LIFE.SAVER.) last year i waited until the last minute and therefore missed out on getting to really appreciate all advent had to offer, so my goal is to be totally done buying and wrapping presents, writing the christmas letter, etc. by the end of november.

here's to hoping december will be a little easier on the schedule...(crossing fingers.)

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