'i put the sugar in.'  (he wants to put the dishwasher powder in.)

'he's pullin' the bean car.'  (thomas is pulling his car full of coal.)

'i wanna hear the jacket song.'  (the what?) 'jacket song! bluuuuuue jacket.' (ah, yes. 'moves like jagger.')

'it's my wally pop.'  (pretending to drink soda; i think he heard 'lollipop' somewhere and assumed it was related to actual pop.)

'it ooches.' (it itches)

'i need a sticker on it.' (he has something he thinks he needs a band-aid for.)

'wanna hug up-air.'  (he wants me to hold him while i'm standing up.)

'these are my boots.'  (his tennis shoes.)

'suckanose.' (what it's called when i suck his nose with the aspirator.)

'those are trash guys?' (every weekend at church when he sees the parking guys wearing orange vests.)

and the following conversation took place the other day:

paige: mommy has a baby in her tummy.

atticus: i have a baby in my tummy, too!

paige: you do? is your baby a boy or a girl?

atticus: um, it's a butterfly.

paige: oh really?! you have a butterfly in your tummy?

atticus: no! i'm a boy, not an animal.  (as in, 'duh, mom.')

he is so funny right now.  most conversations we have are pretty hilarious.  he should probably have his own weekly column on the blog.

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whenjeskasparks said...

sounds like tevah. we had a friend come over and try to see if he had any "baby insight" on what #2s gender is.

matt: so tevah where's the baby?
tevah: (points to tummy) dere.
matt: is it going to be a baby brother or sister?
tevah: monkey.
matt: no silly. not a monkey. it's a person. will it be a boy or a girl?
tevah: monkey.

fair enough.