if you haven't heard, we recently moved to a cute, kitschy little town and we're having a blast getting to know our new community better.  basically so we can rub it in your face how much you out-of-towners are missing out on by not living here.

today, i would like to rub your face in Yard Art Guy, or Y.A.G., a nocturnal local artist who always has some kind of interactive piece going on his yard, both with and without stereo accompaniment and free-for-the-taking christian tracks.  he lives on the main street into town and, while i'm positive he's well-intentioned, i'm also quite sure that he affects the home values of his neighbors.  not to mention how much it used to piss me off that he was allowed to put such obtrusive stuff in his yard (i really am about 85 at heart).  since then, i have come to appreciate Y.A.G. and his voice as an artist.

and also, i found another way home that allows me to bypass his house should i so choose.  

no one i know has ever seen Y.A.G.'s face, although one night todd and i caught a glimpse of him as we were coming into town around 11 pm.  and no one i know definitively knows his story.  and no one i know fully understands what his art is really getting at, although judging by the soundtrack, the reading materials, and the dummy hanging on a cross and wearing a wolverine mask, i think he's trying to convey something spiritual.  but then, the dummy sitting on a lawn chair holding a bottle of moonshine, as well as the viking ship and cast-off playground bouncy horse, speak to pure frollicking of heart.  both deep and jovial is Yard Art Guy, and i have much to learn from him.

i am a bit worried that Y.A.G. is preparing to move.  there has been not a touch of yard art (whimsical or otherwise) to be seen since halloween, and he has been purging lots of stuff lately - his curb is regularly stocked with contributions to our local sanitary landfill.  and i wonder what will become of our town if we are prematurely robbed of our only access to art.  hopefully we'll never have to find out.

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Allison said...

YAG drives a bat mobile! It's a black truck with the batman sign on the side. That's probably why you've never seen his face...he wears a mask.