celebreality monday.

i have been putting off showing you pictures of the inside of our house because, well, it's bad.  i don't think i was prepared for how long it would take to nestle in and make it 'home.'

i have been tempted to post photos of our kitchen because it's the closest to being done - for now at least.  (i like changing things up every once in a while, so in a year or two we might change the paint or something.)  but for now, it's the room that i feel most comfortable showing to people and not thinking they're judging me for being way spartan and also having no taste.

that being said, i still haven't posted pictures because there are stupid little things i want to finish first.  but i figured i'm just going to leave those things undone and post pictures anyway.

BUT THEN i decided that i'll post them on a different day, because if we're really going to get into the nitty-gritty reality of the state of my house, i should first introduce you to the three most horrifying rooms here.

taking the bronze, we have the craft room/play room/office.  otherwise known as the disaster zone/dumping ground/bane of my existence.

i had all kinds of intentions to cutesy up this room and do sewing and craft projects all the live long day.  instead, i have a sewing table full of crap with no home, an on-loan dehydrator on the floor to use when processing all the apples i bought a month ago and should have had done by now, and window treatments that are wonky 100% of the time because the kids like to stand at that window and watch the cars go by.

the toy corner/office-supply-nightstand of doom.  enough said.

taking the silver, we have the living room.  this room is rarely messy because it is rarely used.  it is sparse and the same horrible yellow-brown-cream color as the rest of the house (don't let the pictures fool you.  the true-to-life color is reminiscent of sick people skin.)  so i took it upon myself to find a friendly color to paint it instead.  seven-paint-swatches-on-each-wall later i have decided that blue is not the color for this room.  also, seven paint swatches later, the old lady across the street asked me if i let the kids paint the living room.  these are the conditions in which i've been living.

up against that orangey trim, all blues look way nursery-y.  so it will be getting a coat of the same grey-beige as the kitchen.  someday, when i have time and money to paint, don't hold your breath.  also, i would like to point out that in addition to the actual patches of paint on the wall, i have loads of paint chips taped to paper taped to the wall.  i have had a hard time making decisions lately... also, that plant that looks dead actually is halfway there.  i really am a nurturer of things.

AND PROUDLY TAKING HOME THE GOLD MEDAL....OUR BEDROOM!  i like to affectionately think of this room as the 'febreze room.'  not because it smells good or makes you think you're in a rolling meadow, frollicking along the clovered hillside like you feel when you snort febreze.  no, i call it that because it reminds me of those febreze commercials where they blindfold people and take them into some landfill of a room and take their blindfolds off and the people are like, omg where are we are we about to die.

actually, let's get really realistic and see how it looks on a normal day when i don't take pictures of it to post on the internet:

ahh, yes.  lovely.  curtains fashioned from drapes and painter's dropcloth.  a ceiling light with no cover and only a couple bulbs.

the bay window in the bedroom is identical to this one in the dining room, only without the leaded glass pane in the middle window, and with more white-trashy window treatments.

here is where penelope naps.  and probably has nightmares the whole time.  notice the lovely finish on the walls - that, my friends, is bare plaster.  we ripped down wallpaper nearly six months ago and have done nothing to the walls since.  i'm pretty sure they use walls like this to set the scene in shows about child abuse and drug addiction.

and last but not least, my classy nightstand fashioned from an old folding chair.  i'm way into repurposing and shabby chic.  our old nightstands were square and therefore wouldn't fit into that tiny triangle the bed left when we set it into the bay window.  any creative nightstand solutions that are not made of aluminum would be well appreciated.

so there you have it.  the very loveliest corners of my home.  and before you even think about hyperventilating at the sight of all these photos, just think that i'm the lucky one who gets to see (and neglect cleaning) these spaces every day.  don't be jealous.


The Crislers said...

Okay, so I loved your house- but then, I'm a sloooow decorator, because I refuse to put things in my house that merely like; I have to love them. Plus, why get nice things now when your kids are just going to destroy them?

P.S.- These are my everyday rationalizations. You're welcome to borrow them.

YAYA said...

On Saturday, while watching HGTV, Candice Olson and David Bromstad both were working in older homes and both mentioned that in rooms where there is a heavy amount of wood trim and flooring, the best color is teal... This advice from two experts whom I think have it all together...