i bet things are getting all 'rats of nim' as we speak.

our basement has a finished family room where we keep our tv, so most nights todd and i will hang out down there for a while watching random shows on dvd.  (we don't have any incoming channels - even basic ones - so any shows we watch are usually rented from the library and years old.  which is why i'm only culturally relevant through 2009.)

i will also tell you that our basement has one of those fancy-pants dropped ceilings with clear plastic tiles covering the fancy-pants fluorescent tube lights.

SO. on to the point of this story: the other night we were sitting on the couch and i saw something out of the corner of my eye.  i looked up to the ceiling and running across the clear plastic tile above me was a mouse.

i looked over at todd.  who looked over at me.  we both looked back up at the ceiling where the mouse was already out of sight, probably chewing holes in our insulation and gnawing on our wiring and hatching little mouse babies that will be the only ones to survive the inevitable electrical fire we're about to have.  sweet.

todd bought some mouse traps but we haven't set them yet because you're supposed to bait them with peanut butter.  i typically buy the '100% peanuts so it tastes like cardboard' kind of peanut butter and todd is skeptical that a mouse would want to eat that stuff.  i snarkily replied that i failed to pick any up at the store anyway so we don't even have any, so there.

so...somewhere in the depths of our house is at least one mouse, running unchecked and drunk with power because that's what mice do.  so that's awesome.  if i show up to church next week with a bald patch, just assume my hair was gnawed off while i slept and subsequently incorporated into the baby mouse hatchery in my walls.

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