penelope's crazy eye.

as i mentioned previously, penelope has developed a lazy eye.  only, according to her doctor, the reason it turns in is because it's working so hard to see...which, in my opinion, makes it a bit misleading to call it a 'lazy' eye.  so i've dubbed it the crazy eye.  much better, or at least more accurate.  because it makes her look CRAZY, especially when she starts singing and dancing and sticking out her tongue, with her eye all wonky and turned in.  see what i mean? crazy eye.

as an update, we took her to the eye doctor on friday, who said she is going to need glasses yesterday.  (luckily she won't need surgery or even an eye patch, as far as we can tell right now.)  he said her prescription is for +8.0 lenses, which in my non-expert opinion means she's basically legally blind.  (although she obviously is not.  but +8.0 is really bad.)  the sooner we can get her in glasses, the better, because at this age there is a greater possibility of enabling the eye to improve its own ability to see, and there is also a chance that if we let it go unchecked her brain will stop recognizing input from that eye, which will result in crazy-eye blindness. 

also, the only celebrities that came up when i googled 'famous people with lazy eye' were paris hilton and amy winehouse, and anything that would cause her to follow in those footsteps in any way must be nipped in the bud.  so, glasses it is.

so yesterday we took her to pick out some frames, and this is what we ended up going with:

unfortunately they don't make buddy holly-style or cat eye glasses, or something equally funny for an 18-month-old, so basic oval wire rims it is.  however, considering we're looking at years and years of glasses for her from here on out, hipster frames are happening sometime down the road.  and that is what i like to call  'silver lining.'

i want to thank everyone for praying for her.  even though we're choosing to get her glasses now rather than wait until her insurance kicks in, we aren't having to do surgery and her vision should be corrected with just glasses - a definite answer to prayer! so thanks SO MUCH!


Sarah said...

false. cute glasses ARE out there somewhere, just check this blog out. scroll down until you see sweetness. :)

YAYA said...

I think the frames you selected are very cute. They still allow her big beautiful blues to be the center of attention.

Marbele mark said...

If it helps there are a number of famous people with lazy eye. Imperfections just make you all the more interesting and I think Penelope looks adorable and is very brave.