the weekly 'what's up.'

what were we up to this week?  hmm, let's see...

we went garage sale-ing, and penelope picked out a nasty old baby doll whom she proceeded to name 'baby todd.'  we are all having a lot of fun playing with baby todd, and one of us is having a little less fun having to constantly re-attach his leg after another of us gets a little too adoring.  (i'll leave you to figure out who is who.)

i found this sweet vintage 'suzy homemaker' toy washing machine for FIFTY CENTS.  people, please!

as you've already heard, we participated in a mud run, and also i was relieved to hear that my boobs are not malignant, just good and lumpy.

we ate at zombie burger, which deserves two exclamation points!!  todd's burger had two grilled cheese sandwiches for the bun.  are you kidding me?!

we heard tale of a certifiable pervert in our neighborhood, so we've been staying indoors.  (seriously.  it's really creepy.)

and the biggest news of all: finn has spent the last five nights sleeping from around 10pm to at least 6am.  (this morning he slept until 8:15!) i am in heaven!

that's about it.  what have you been up to?


A Cush said...

That toy washer is AWESOME! Great find!

YAYA said...

Now that I see that washing machine... I think I may have some other Suzy Homemaker appliances in storage... ones that were mine when I was little. I must look this weekend... thinking maybe a blender and similar cool things!

paige said...

OH MY WORD MOTHER!!! yes, you really MUST look this weekend. i'd love that!