i was going to write another blog about todd's birthday and his parents' visit to ames, but i got sidetracked by the realization that i have a gift card to chocolaterie stam that i haven't used up yet. mmm. the blog will have to wait while i go dig in the cupboards for something chocolate to hold me over until it's no longer 9:30 at night and the stam is closed.


tivo vovo said...

we did our annual carve pumpkins and eat the seeds party. it was fun. my pumpkin turned out horrible. i sucked it up this year. not my "A" game by any means. however, paige's warholish angelina jolie was breath-taking. by that i mean it literally attempted to suck the life out of you when you looked in its eyes for too long. much like the real angelina jolie.

Anonymous said...

Do you roast the seeds before you eat them? I've heard that's good. Mom tip - I have a bag of hershey's kisses always hidden under the carrots in the vegetable drawer... noone looks for snacks under a giant bag of carrots :-)

Shaina said...

You blog?!?!?! I blog too!!!!

So happy about this!