i've got the blues (which makes me crave macaroni)

i'm blue. i want our little guy to come. not too early, obviously, but i wish not-too-early was closer. does that make sense?

so, to pass the time, i will be packing the hospital bag tonight. yes, i realize we still have like 6 weeks to go. but i feel like i need to do something to get ready...

i miss my little guy.

i want some bacon, too, while we're talking about things i wish i had. atticus and bacon.


Anonymous said...

Those last weeks are brutal. You've had your fun being pregnant and you're ready for phase 2. It kind of consumes your mind. I was trying to think of some things that I did or wished I would have done in those last weeks. Here's what I came up with. In order to not make myself look bad I won't say which ones I never got to :-)

You could... write Atticus a letter. There's a spot for those in most baby books but after they are born you never really get to it. Make a calling tree for when he arrives or when you head into the hospital. It's a nice thought to think you will call all your friends and family to let them know but when the time comes and you're completely exhausted and just want to cuddle with your little guy and husband you may wish you would have delegated some calling out. I gave a list of people I wanted to be told to a good friend, made sure she was one of the first we called and let the grape vine take care of the rest. Clean. Clean. Clean. You won't want to do this for a while afterward. Make a list of meals you guys like so when your connection group or someone else calls about brining you meals you are prepared and don't end up with liver and onions... Sleep. Sleep. Sleep. Organize any and everything. When you cook make extra and freeze it so you can throw something in the microwave later. Buy extra large Maxi pads. Ok that sounds weird but if you have a natural birth you will need them and noone wants to stop at Target on the way home from the hospital to buy pads. And last but not least... enjoy your last weeks of being just the 2 of you in the house. It will be the last time for the next 18 years :-)

tivo vovo said...

nice advice below. i will do my part to activate team van voorst: legacy edition.