okay, it's been like a million years since i've updated you on our actual weekday lives.  we basically get up, eat breakfast, i take a nap, we eat lunch, we all take a nap, we have 'tea time' (more on that later, but the kids are totally in love with it), eat dinner and all go to bed.  it seems this baby is sucking my lifeblood and i need lots and lots of rest.  so i'll take a rest from typing and let photos do the rest of the writing of this blog.

i was super excited to turn 28 weeks.  or five, as my crazyhand would indicate.

finneas got sick and here is a very blurry photo of a huge bubble of snot.  you're welcome.

the kids made our family (minus finn) out of potato heads.  todd looks like he should be named vinnie and own a dry cleaning shop.  or a deli.

atticus maniacally attacked his "me'smore'ial" day s'more.

finn still felt like crap.

and continued to feel like crap.

i gained a bunch of preggo weight in my face.  whenever that happened exactly, it was probably a tasty but sad day.

this is penelope's new favorite toy: horse-on-a-skateboard.  he has his own theme song.

this is a real book.  It Zwibble is a magical dinosaur fairy.  i guess that's a real thing.  and it took three authors to come up with it.


todd said...

i love the horse-on-a-skateboard theme song.

thanks for documenting these days.

we will benefit greatly from one day going back and looking at all God provided for us.

whenjeskasparks said...

the horse-on-a-skateboard only made me think of one thing. if you're not familiar with adventure time... it reminds me a lot of homestar in some ways. really random. really ridiculous. kinda like homestar + spongebob. anyway here is JAAAAMESS BAXTERRR.

(the best part after this clip however is that they end up going to a funeral to cheer people up and they just say "jaaaammes baxterrrrrr" from the bushes. then they try their names 'cause that was creepin' people out. so they should "jaaaake the dooggggg." "fiiinnnnn the humannnnn." anyway. its pretty funny.)

Mike Neese said...

I'm sorry you don't feel good Finneas!!!
GOD BLESS you buddy!!!!!