turning into seasoned house-buyers. (or, i bet you thought i wouldn't post today, but i fooled you, sucker.)

we bought a house! we bought a house!  i shall sing it from the rooftops, we bought a house!

it was seriously such a relief, since we probably saw over thirty houses over the two and a half months we spent hunting around.  the houses we had been seeing were either too run-down, too expensive, or too you're-going-to-get-murdered-in-this-basement.  i was losing steam and losing hope we'd find anything.

we scheduled another 'tour of homes' for friday night - seven houses.  three hours.  heeby jeebies.

the first one we saw was super duper cute - all retro and wonderful with this actually-really-awesome vintage spring-green linoleum in the kitchen, glass doorknobs, a half-acre yard, huge bedrooms.  but it was next door to a methadone clinic.  and i mean like, rightnextdoor to a methadone clinic.  so...that was a bit of a bummer.

after that, we saw this one house that smelled like old wet dog and spoiled dreams.  and another house that was ridiculously cute and old and huge but so slanty and wonky and uneven that todd and i both felt physically ill walking/stumbling through it, not to mention it was rightnextdoor to a mcdonald's.  as in like, you could sit on the deck with your after-dinner coffee and simultaneously hold hands through the car window with the people waiting in the drive through.  and then we saw this other house that probably had some kind of antique skeleton positioned fetally behind that freaky door in the basement.

and then the clouds parted and the angels sang and that frozen coke just showed up in my hand out of nowhere (just like i imagine will happen when i reach those pearly gates): we found Our House.  it's cute and grey and Second World War-y.  (not in like an atom bomb kind of way, but in like a, i want to hang an american flag on my porch and plant hydrangeas and wear a gingham apron kind of way.)  it's tinytiny, but i'm looking forward to having less to clean and allowing my decorating budget to go a little farther. 

and best of all, it's not a fixer-upper.  the basement is completely and totally dry, even after all this rain.  the roof is new.  the mechanicals are pretty new.  the carpet is new.  it comes with all the appliances, including a gas stove!  it already has a garden and peonies and fruit trees.  i am in heaven.  we're planning on finishing the basement at some point, but i am LOVING that nothing has to be done right away.  especially since we close on it july 12, barely a full month before i'm planning to pop this kid out.

so anyway.  we put in the offer saturday at lunchtime, and at dinner we had finalized all our negotiations and were locked in!  amazing.  totally a gift from god.

anyway.  that is our exciting, burden-lifting, wish-i-had-a-maypole-to-dance-around news.


todd said...

it was such a specific answer to specific prayers.

God is kind to us.

The Crislers said...