what (was) up (last) weekly.

in last week's news:
atticus found a dime.  it is the first money that has been entrusted to his care.  he takes the responsibility very seriously.


i turned 32 weeks.  pregnant, that is.  coming down the home stretch.  i'm a bit terrified, as i have done virtually no planning or mental prep.  we still don't have a name picked out for her.  this is all very fly-by-the-seat-of-our-pants, which if you know todd or me at all, you know this is not how we prefer to roll.

we had our first opportunity to worship with our church body, which right now is a house church.  which means kids were there.  which means finneas was glued right here, at the feet of thaddeus, our worship pastor:

also, we moved out of our house for good.  which made me want to die.  not because of sentimentality, but because i'm pretty sure that moving is somehow involved in the bag of tricks used iranian prisons.  i'll talk more about it later this week, but i will say that we have some amazing friends.  friends who loaded our crap into a stifling hot truck on a 95-degree day.  it kind of made it harder to move, just having that one last reminder of how great our friends are.
on that cheery note, HAPPY MONDAY. 


whenjeskasparks said...

you look absolutely stunning in that 32 weeks picture and i am not lying at all. 100% pure bestie honesty. it's such a great picture of you. and not just like "oh, that's a nice picture of paige *pregnant*" but like "HOLY SMOKES THAT LADY IS GORGEOUS AND ALSO SHE GETS TO PASS GORGEOUS GENES ONTO THAT TINY BABY IS THIS REAL LIFE" because seriously. it's gonna sound weird (and when it's from me, when DOESNT it sound weird) but that's the kind of picture that i'd like personally keep if i was your kid. context: i used to always carry around my mom's college grad photo when i was a kid because i thought she was so gorgeous and i was in love with how pretty she was and the sentimentality of the picture. that's what i'd do with that picture if i was your kid. end weirdness.

todd said...

i love having the kids with us during worship. it's fun to see them seeing everyone together worshipping Jesus.