weekly 'what's up'

this week has been cah-razy.  on saturday, we moved from our old transitional place (the condo) to a new transitional place (our pastor's basement apartment).  we bought a house.  we watched 'the fantastic mr. fox.'  we learned how to play killer uno.   i bought two more maxi skirts since my jeans now officially cut off my circulation and make my legs go numb.

we got our sickening bill from our emergency room visit, along with bills for all kinds of labwork and ultrasound charges for the pregnancy, so i almost faked my own death to avoid figuring out how to pay it all.  (one thing i know for half-sure, my fake funeral will be lovely and there will be peonies and tea roses and ranunculus(es?) everywhere and michael buble will personally sing that 'i wanna go home' song as a photo montage of my most beaming, ethereal moments plays silently behind him.  and then maybe he'll do an encore of 'just haven't met you yet,' not because it's fitting or appropriate for the occasion, but because it's catchy and people will be thinking about my funeral for days afterward as they hum that song under their breath.  that's a memorable funeral, people.)

now i'm getting geared up to pack again, since we're heading to a friend's wedding over the weekend.  we're leaving tonight and will be back on tuesday. 

next week, i will refuse to do anything but hang out on the couch, watch the office and not cook anything.  and i will not get in the car, regardless of what you try to bribe me with.  i will refuse.

also, i look like this:

i think the level of desperation is obvious.

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todd said...

didn't i promise you a life of new maxi-dresses?

also, i'm kinda of bummed that i won't be able to attend your funeral. it sounds awesome.

too bad i'll already be dead.