my best friend's wedding.

as you might suspect from the title, the wedding was exactly like the movie.  only i didn't have an inappropriate crush on my bestie, or try to sabotage anything, or think i stood a chance in competition with cameron diaz.  i did not end up dancing with a gay guy or finding myself at any point referencing dionne warwick.  but other than that, it was a dead ringer for the movie.  mostly just because i'm a dead ringer for julia roberts. 
see?  i look just like her.
(if you disagree, you obviously haven't seen her playing any awkwardly frightened characters.  because this is what she looks like when she does that.)

and i'm pretty sure i was the only one who knew that this photo was being taken.  why i still chose to make this face is beyond me.

another testament to the fact that i'm generally clueless regarding what's going on around me.

actual laughing.

crazy fake-laughing.

so happy for her!  also, i suspect that guy in the back is not taking our picture, he's actually taking a picture of todd, who was taking our picture and looking might dapper in his j.crew pants.

jeska looks cute and cute-tough.  i just look shapeless, and a little angry, but kind of sad.  (really, my ability to conjure complex emotions on film is just another indicator that i'm julia roberts' doppleganger.)
(as a reference, we took this photo on my wedding day:)

todd and me at the reception

clearly super happy to be a part of her big day!


todd said...

you're the best in the biz.

lauren said...

please do those exact things as my matron of honor. you are indeed the best in the biz.

whenjeskasparks said...

the best.