this week has flown by, which is good because i'm counting down the days until we can close on our new house (14 from today!).

as i mentioned earlier this week, we spent saturday moving most of our big stuff and unloading it, sunday moving most of our smaller stuff, and monday unloading our smaller stuff into storage and returning the u-haul.  i have never been so exhausted in my whole life.  the kids took a hit with it all, too, seeing as how they basically went feral on tuesday for some otherwise-inexplicable reason.  it was seriously like their nervous systems were shorting out.

eating their last meal in this house.  we have pictures of them eating their FIRST meal in this house, also on the floor.  i wish i could put them side-by-side for comparison, but the other photos are on a different hard drive.  also it would probably make me cry.  so i'll avoid that.

this photo really communicates nothing specific about our week, but he's just so stinking cute, right?!

i got to spend time hanging out with friends, getting to know our new connection group, and cooking dinner in a microwave.  (i have a whole new range of culinary skills, as apparently must be developed when you have no oven, and no cooking knives or scissors other than plastic disposable butter knives.  i seriously maimed myself trying to cut an apple the other day.)

i turned 33 weeks pregnant and had a bit of a meltdown when the heat, exhaustion and moving-induced delirium had me convinced that all the packing and lifting i had been doing had caused the cord to get tied into a knot and that my baby would be born prematurely with all kinds of problems.  cheery.  also in preggo news, we chose a name for the baby.

and lastly, we're closing on our story city house today!  it's such a relief that, after these many months of waiting and drama, we will be closing that particular chapter on this whole moving debacle.

happy friday everyone!

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todd said...

what began with McDonalds has ended with Pizza Ranch. i guess we spent years N and O in Story.

Pizza Ranch

i'm excited to see what Q-R-S brings in CF.


lastly, my prove i'm not a robot word is "Lord" then some jarble jumble, but it's cool that it began with "Lord."