we decided on a name for the baby!  at 33 weeks, it's about time.  i think the process probably gets harder with each kid, because you don't have these names just waiting in the years-long queue, and you have to weigh anew whether each possible name is worthy of your kid having to tote it around for the rest of their life.  which is why it took so long.  (that, and i hate the naming process and probably procrastinated more than i should have and was more trigger-shy than i could have been.)

anyway.  on to the juicy part.

our daughter's name is lauren schaeffer van voorst, and we'll call her schaeffer.

lauren is my sister's name, and if you know my sister at all, you'll know she's the awesomest human on the face of the planet and definitely worthy of a 'junior.'  and we just knew that she's humble enough not to name her own offspring in her honor, so we wanted to be the ones to get to preserve the legacy.  lauren is one of the most godly, servant-hearted, intentional, compassionate, creative, funniest people i have ever known, and if our daughter grows up to be anything at all like her, we will be grateful.

schaeffer is the last name of edith schaeffer, wife of francis schaeffer, who was known for being incredibly hospitable, creative, and family-oriented.  her grasp on doctrine and 'the true truth,' as she called it, was incredible and inspiring.  i wish she was my grandma.  and what do we do with our grandmas?  we name our kids after them.  (and also play scrabble with them and steal their past issues of 'country living.'  but that's neither here nor there.)  so here's to hoping that schaeffer takes after her great-grandma edith.

so there you have it.  babygirl now has a name to call her very own!


todd said...

i'm excited to meet her.
she will probably come out with glasses, a sunny disposition, a sewing kit and ask if there is anything she can do for us.

Amanda Cushman said...

LOVE the name!!! It's perfect.

Lisagrace Alsbury said...

yeah, let's be real, we're ALL going to name our daughters after lauren. she's pretty much the best.

and schaeffer! wonderful idea-you've done it again van voorsts, way to name your children awesomely and thoughfully!

The Crislers said...

Oh, I love that. Every single piece.