nonsports-related injuries at the softball game. part one.

oh my word.  get this.

todd plays on a rec league softball team on tuesdays, and on the nights that games start at a reasonable time, the kids and i go to watch.  this week, as we were watching, finneas was walking around the end of the bottom bleachers, hitting sticks with other sticks and doing other things babies think are the awesomest.  i'm not really sure why, but it was at that moment that penelope decided to push him, and he fell over the bottom bleacher, head first onto a bit of pea gravel.  he started bleeding immediately.

i'm not talking about a trickle of blood.  i'm talking about bad-horror-movie-makeup amounts of blood.  it was pouring down over his eye, onto his clothes and my hands and my clothes.  it poured onto my purse and the ground.  it was even in his ear.  it was everywhere. 

so my friend michelle ran and got some tissues to wipe it up, and the concession stand lady who saw it go down brought us a bag of ice, and it all seemed to have resolved itself after a bit, except penelope would not stop crying.  i wasn't sure if it was the sight of all that blood that freaked her out, or the guilt of having pushed him, or what, but she would. not. stop. crying.

i handed finn over to michelle, and another friend tried comforting penelope, while i went and washed all the blood off my hands.  i got back and penelope was still crying.  i tried asking her what was wrong and suddenly her eyes rolled back in her head and her whole body just went limp.  i freaked. out.  i didn't know if she was having a seizure or what.

this story is surprisingly long, so i'll let you dangle until tomorrow.  yeah, i know.  sorry.  but seriously, this story has an annoying amount of juice left; it just doesn't fit into a single blog post.  i will at least assure you that everyone is fine now.  so hang around until tomorrow to find out what happened.  (or go do other stuff in the meantime and come back tomorrow.  whatever works for you.) 


todd said...

i'm on pins and needles.

Anonymous said...

This is better than a soap opera!!!!! Does somebody turn into a vampire or werewolf? Does someone find out they have a twin or are married to their long lost brother???? I am getting antsy for tomorrow's post!

whenjeskasparks said...

omg. good lord. that's like that one time when you were working at the daycare and that one kid got a hotwheels embedded into his skull. *shudder*
i can't wait to read the next installment!

Lisagrace Alsbury said...

I'm so mad at you for freaking me out like this. But I really appreciate this thing you're doing, you're making me feel what you felt, you're making me wonder if that sweet girl of yours is going to be okay. Well done, Van Voorst, well done.

(Also, really glad everyone IS okay, I can't imagine your fright as a mom and applaud your valor!)

todd said...

you can cut the tension with a wife.