the movingvan voorsts.

last thursday the kids and i headed down to the old house to finish packing up.  my friend kristy took the kids to the park for a couple of hours thursday morning so i could focus.  (she even packed lunches and water and sunscreen for them!  she was more prepared for their survival than their own mother would have been, but it's good for them to be spoiled every once in a while.)  i buckled down and started packing and cleaning out the garage.

after two very full days of packing and wrangling the kids, todd came down, and on saturday morning he pulled the moving van up to the house.  and we, along with some awesome friends, got ready to move our lives out of that house

holy hot steamy chaos.  first of all, it was like 95 degrees.  (that's not one of my typical exaggerations.  i'm being dead literal.)  second of all, we had tons of stuff to move, including a fifty-million pound upright piano that i couldn't bear to part with and an embarrassing number of boxes labeled 'decor.'  and third of all, it was like 95 degrees.

they CARRIED this down two sets of deck stairs.  insane.

i'm not going to dwell on just. how. long. it took to pack that truck, or how i became a swollen-footed, back-spasming, useless lump of a human about halfway through the day, or about how i forgot to leave out drinking cups for the selfless and languishingly thirsty movers. (i found some mason jars for them to drink from, so at least that upped the ambience of the day to that of 'pinterest-worthy moving party.')  i'm also not going to ruminate on the fact that we couldn't fit all of our stuff onto the truck in the end, so we had to go back sunday (with the kids!) to load up the rest of it by ourselves and how it took us close to five hours.

all i will say is that, after a very, very long stretch of exhausting, emotional days... after todd and i both cried on the way home out of sheer discouragement and utter defeat... after leaving our old house and old life entirely behind for good... i watched as a tiny baby raccoon got run over by a semi, and also i got a bug bite between my butt cheeks.  and that is how our weekend moving saga ended, and i think that pretty much sums it all up.


todd said...

i don't mind moved.
i dislike very much moving.
not in general.
i don't mind moving my person.
my belongings however, another story.

Amanda Cushman said...

Just as I was feeling so sad for you, you made me laugh hysterically. One of the many reasons I love reading your blog!