nonsports-related injuries at the softball game. part two.

so, to pick up where we left off yesterday...

i just stood there all mute and panicked until the softball guys saw that something was up and came over. (i should mention here that the girl who was holding penelope, claire, was twelve and it never occurred to me that i should take penelope from her because claire might be freaked out too. poor girl.) todd took penelope and got her to come to, but she was still woozy and whiny and sheet white. so we left the game early to take the kids home. (todd had worked with clients with seizure disorders before and didn't think it was a seizure, so we decided that going to the hospital wasn't necessary.)

on our way to the car, this guy rode up on his bike and said he was a certified athletic trainer and asked if we wanted him to take a look at her. as it turns out, he lives across the street and saw a commotion, so he busted out his binoculars to find out what had happened then booked it over on his bike. i have to say, it was the most comforted i have ever been by the news that someone was watching my kid through binoculars. (this has been the only time i've gotten that news, btdubs, but it was comforting.) he also seemed to think she was doing okay at that point.

so we got home and i passed the boys off to my friend jenni so that todd and i could see if we could get penelope back to acting like her normal old self. we gave her some water and ice cream and pointed the fan at her to cool her down. for a while she just sat there all blank and whiny and half-responsive.

then it was like a switch flipped. she started giggling about 'breaking' her ice cream and telling jokes and generally just being normal. (normal for her, anyway.) so it seemed like she was in the clear, and we brought the boys down and started getting everyone ready for bed.

 then finneas barfed on me. and i was all like, do you have a concussion?!

with all the craziness happening with penelope, i had kind of forgotten about finneas' injury. so we spent extra time checking on him through the night, though he didn't throw up again and woke up the next morning acting normal. so who knows if it was a concussion or not.  we're just glad he's fine now.

holy. cow. it was a really eventful evening, and i'm glad it's over, and i'm glad everyone seems fine and didn't require any more trips to the E.R. we're still reeling from the bill for the last trip.


todd said...

e'erybody gettin' cra.

Lisagrace Alsbury said...

holy cow is right! do you think she just fainted at the sight of all of the blood? i know nothing about nothing, but that's what i thought after yesterday's post.

kids are crazy, and thankfully God made them crazy resilient too. and even more thankfully, God blessed your kids with you and Todd, AKA fantastic parents.

love your family so much!