penelope is tha-ree.

penelope had a small birthday party on saturday.  in the true spirit of van voorst birthday parties, it was podunk.  we ordered pizza, and i even coerced my sister into baking the cake so i wouldn't have to.  (penelope requested a 'chocolate sparkle feather cake.'  between the two of us, we really expected a lot out of lauren.  but she totally came through for us.  minus making the cake out of feathers.)

some things to notice in this video:

1.  the one and only candle i could find in the house was a #1 candle leftover from finn's birthday, so that's what was on her cake.

2.  atticus looks bored out of his mind.  when asked if he could be more excited, he answered, 'yeah.'

3.  i made the mistake of allowing penelope to open presents before the whole candle-blowing experience, so she's so absorbed in her new purse full of colored pens that she is pretty apathetic about the rest of the party.

and if there's one thing that can be said about the van voorst children, it's that they have a deep, unending (and sometimes crazed-looking) passion for cake.

happy birthday (recap) to our biggest little girl!

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todd said...

happy b-day sissy.

what a fun day.

i'm so glad we captured your eruption of purse-joy on video!