pregnancy update.

this may be my last pregnancy update, since this pregnancy is quickly coming to a close. i'm due in two and half weeks...18 days (not that i'm counting).
what's been happening lately:

penelope was breech...then she she has flipped back. so she's upside-down (or rather, right-side-up, which is bad and confusing), and my midwife isn't sure that she'll flip back before i go into labor. i have an ultrasound scheduled for tomorrow morning, and if she hasn't flipped, we'll talk about scheduling an appointment where they try to turn her manually from the outside. which i've heard is incredibly painful and is exalted as having a "more than 50% success rate!!" (call me crazy, but those odds seem a little too low to be bragging about.)

to actively try to get her to flip, my chiropractor started doing a special adjustment on me this morning, and i'll go again on wednesday. he has an 80% success rate with this...i like those odds better, and i definitely wouldn't classify it as 'painful.' (although, when you're 9 months pregnant, there are very few things that are entirely pain-free.)

i've also been doing some pretty classy exercises in order to encourage her to flip. they're quite a show - if you pay me $5 i'll let you see me perform them. not convinced? here's a little preview.

actually, this is a(n exact) replica of the illustrative diagram given to me by my midwife. now that i have done this, i would like to make a few minor changes to the diagram based on my personal experience.

minor changes made:

1. mouth crinkled in pain (no, that is not a spider on my face, nor do my exercises cause me to bleed from the mouth.)
2. spine bent at 90-degree angle.
3. giant preggo belly floating in mid-air. complete with sticky-out belly button.
4. feet sticking straight up so as not to snap my spine in half. or in thirds.

(*just to clarify, those are pillows under 'my' hips. not rocks. or a trisomy butt.)

i'm realizing i should've added my long, flowing locks to this illustration, but hindsight is always 20/20.

i'll be waiting for your $5. i don't take personal checks.

3 comments : said...

OMG! Love your drawings. I think you need to do a whole blog just of those! I'd love to see your life as stick figures...

whenjeskasparks said...

this is like a throw back entry to your comedic gold ones you had in college.

brilliant, i say, brilliant!

((i totally thought those were rocks until you mentioned they were pillows. ahahahahahah.))

Ted n' Tiff said...

Nice to hear how you are doing. Hope that little girl gets turned around quickly!