big reveal...ish.

so a looooooong time ago (this is the stuff legends are made of) i told you i had switched the bedrooms, with atticus now residing in the master suite and todd and i settling into the second bedroom. i also mentioned that i would post pictures soon.

considering this all happened over new year's weekend, i thought it appropriate to post

here is what the second bedroom looked like before the switcheroo:

boring and boring. hardly a nursery, it was really just where atticus slept and where we kept all our excess clutter (which was in the hallway when i took this picture to fool you into thinking that i'm at all organized).

i never took a before photo of the master bedroom, so let me paint you a little mental picture: close your eyes and imagine a queen bed (unmade, of course); a couple of nightstands; a giant, walmart, dorm-style, particle board, chipping-white-flat-paint-over-black-veneer, metal-accent desk sporting two (yes, two) desktop computers, and a pack and play. walls painted grey-beige.

mmm....relaxing, spa-like getaway.

since then, we've painted both rooms and i'm working on accessorizing - including painting furniture and hanging stuff on the walls... neither of which has happened yet but both are on the agenda. (although, one of my list items was 'paint the bookshelves,' but considering our shock when our $20 target bookcase collapsed in on itself when moving it to paint the walls, my list has now changed to say 'buy bookshelves.') all that to say, keep in mind that all this is still a work in progress.

so without further ado, here are the "after" shots of our new rooms!

this is an "in-process" picture of atticus' room, as it's still "new" (five months new, that is) and i'm still working on getting it ready to house penelope as well.

i moved the changing table into master bathroom, which has been AWESOME when dealing with cloth diapers - i hang them to dry in the bathroom, empty them in the toilet when they're dirty, and wash my hands right there.

...trying to figure out what to hang on the walls.  any suggestions??


whenjeskasparks said...

a full size poster print of me.
you know, just a suggestion.

where the crap is penelope! i've been hoping i'd hear some good news.

Travis Smith said...

Hey Paige, I have a machine that makes adhesive vinyl lettering and/or any other shapes for the wall (search Uppercase Living for examples). Lots of colors and any design you could dream of. We recently put "Rise and shine and give GOD the glory!" above Joshua's if you are interested, let me know!