PENELOPE IS HERE!!!! (seriously this time.)

yep, it's true! she graced us with her presence at 3:37 this afternoon.

WARNING: labor details - nothing gross, but just a heads-up.

contractions began at 7:30 this morning and, even though they were regular, they weren't super strong and they were 10-15 minutes apart.  todd was able to get home with plenty of time and we even got to hang out as a three-person family for about an hour before we had to leave for the hospital.  (my water broke at 10:30...and i had to go into the doctor's office looking - and feeling- like i had major pee-pants.)

at 12:30, they checked me and from there on out stuff was pretty intense.  while my contractions weren't regular anymore, or very close together, they were STRONG.  i kept asking for an epidural, but because of the pattern of my contractions, it didn't seem to be considered 'urgent.'

however, by 3:15 the epidural had NOT kicked in all the way, but the urge to push HAD.  so she came full-force (which i was thrilled about)...but luckily i only had to push for about 20 minutes and there she was! 

here are her stats:

penelope page
7 lb 10 oz (an entire pound less than atticus)
20 inches

atticus didn't quite know what to think...he was suspicious the whole time.

proud daddy!!
we don't have a great picture of penelope's face yet, so here's a picture of atticus.  subtract a pound(and add a purple hat) and you have penelope.


whenjeskasparks said...

haha. i saw that last picture before reading and i was like HOLY CRAP she looks like atticus!

then i read it.
i'm so smart.


BenAmyDau(Leggett) said...

Congratulations Team VanVoorst and Happy Birthday Penelope! Amy and I are so happy for you. She is beautiful. I love Atticus' face in the first picture, pretty shifty.

Love you all.

Ben and Amy Dau

Ted n' Tiff said...

Congratulations! Hope we get to meet her and Atticus when we come out to visit in June! Blessings to all of you!