making progresa!

we still don't have internet at the house yet, so i'll make it short and sweet.  we've done a TON over the course of friday through monday with the help of my sister, parents and grandparents, including:

- stripping wallpaper (WAY easier than expected)
- painting the kitchen
- painting the 'pantry' cupboards
- fixing the deck
- tilling and planting our garden, and surrounding it with chicken wire
- installing both an indoor and outdoor clothesline
- fixing the washer and dryer
- installing new locks on some of the doors
- caulking the foundation
- doing some yard work
- meeting the neighbors and forcing them into helping us move a piano that weighs more than our whole house
- installing child locks

..and probably more that i'm just not thinking of.  whew.

some pictures to come later.

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