on hiatus

'member that time will start back up again next week, although i better start living a more interesting life if i'm going to keep that going for much longer.

i'll keep it short and sweet: we moved yesterday and i am exhausted!  thanks to all of you who helped out - we COULD NOT have done it without you. 

our apartment is basically empty, and our house is basically one big pile of stuff.  a single big pile of stuff with a couple of chandeliers on top.

our internet isn't hooked up at the house yet, and i'm not sure when all we'll be back in ames, so my presence this week will probably be spotty.  it's about all i can do to to feed my kids and dig a path to their beds at naptime right now.

also, i'm hungry, so i'm in a pretty bad mood.  so good luck to todd today.

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