life is about to get cah-razy.

we closed on our house yesterday!!! we are now the proud owners of chez v.v.  (we sound fancy.)  we are no longer hindered by our lack of keys and by trespassing laws - we can wander around that house now like, we own the place.  so we are mere hours and hours of backbreaking labor away from a garden, a freshly painted kitchen, and a floor that is not a portal to the underworld.  (did i not mention our kitchen floor has this ridiculous hole in it that drops down into our basement?)

even though we've known that may 2 would be our close date since we signed the papers in february, i have not done much packing yet because we weren't sure when exactly we'd move.  our apartment lease was signed through the end of july and since it's cheaper to live in our apartment than in our house (utilities, a shorter commute), we figured we'd just live here while we were having to pay both our rent and our house payment.

but lo and behold, our god is amazing, and we just found out saturday that there are some superstars moving into our apartment (therefore voiding our lease) june 1.  which means...we're moving! SOON! in the next couple of weeks (the exact date is up in the air still).

so all that to say, i might be a bit scarce around here for the next few weeks since i'll be spending my time packing, unpacking, and doing happy dances.  if you really miss my piercing insight and razor-sharp wit, you can always help us move and get your fix that way.  or, if you've been considering dropping this blog from your reader but haven't out of guilt, you can help us move to assauge your conscience, then drop the blog, and consider us even.  i'm cool with that too.


The Crislers said...

I say stick a fireman's pole in that hole and be done with it. Congratulations!

apotratz said...

That's awesome! We move on the 21st! We will FINALLY have to get together, maybe take our kiddos on a walk or somethin!