bye bye, nuk.

so i got a quick question regarding weaning atticus off his pacifier (or nuk, as we call it around here), and i have to say i was basically forced into it out of necessity and if it were up to me, he'd probably still be sucking on that thing at after-prom.  but apparently these things are not up to me, and i made him give it up as a toddler rather than a college freshman.

so, i guess i also forgot to mention in my post on tuesday that atticus and i both had dentist appointments in the 'week and a half from hell-but-in-a-nice-way' and it turns out atticus has been teething some new molars.  which means screaming all night long and chewing his nuk to shreds.  i never would have expected that nuks could peel apart in sheets, but his did, until it was so thin he was literally chewing chunks out of it. 

one afternoon during nap, he started crying, 'mommy! nuk! mommy! nuk!' and i went in, and it was mutilated beyond what would even be considered a moderate health and safety violation.  so i made him get up and put it in the trash (to give him some closure) then i put him back to bed.  he SCREAMED for the next hour and a half.

that night i put him to bed and reminded him that we threw the nuk away, but it's okay because he's a BIG BOY and he doesn't need it anymore!!! awesome! bye bye nuk!  (he sadly repeated this after me. it was so pathetic.)  i left the room with fingers crossed and basically feeling nauseous about what was certain to turn into a two-and-half-hour hysteria.  (his, not mine.  but also, mine too.)

there was a little whimpering, and then he went to sleep!!  we've had a few nap times that have been harder than others, but i just remind him before he lays down that he won't be getting his nuk and that he can say 'bye bye, nuk.'  it's worked out much better than i had expected because he was IN LOVE with that thing.  (i failed to mention that, in the scenario painted above, he was sucking on it at after-prom after having taken it to prom as his date.)

in all seriousness, i had planned to copy my friend laura and wait until he's like three or so and have him dig a hole in the yard and plant it as a nuk tree.  maybe stick a real seed in there so that something grows.  you know, something memorable and good-mommy-like.  instead, i dragged my half-asleep and mostly-hysterical kid across the apartment, made him throw it in the trash, and let him deal with the aftermath alone in his bed.

that's apparently how we wean our kids off nuks in the van voorst household.  in all honesty, not even sure i recommend this as an option.  but it worked for us and i'm relatively confident atticus will find another prom date in time.  so take it for what you will. 

***i should probably mention that, even though our kids typically share a room, and even though she'd sleep through a live performance of STOMP! if given the opportunity, i moved penelope into our room to sleep for a couple of nights until i felt sure atticus wouldn't scream all night.

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