i'm such an israelite.

today i decided to read my bible for the first time in a loooong time... and i realized i haven't gotten to it as much recently because i'm working on a bible-in-a-year dealie, and i'm currently in...leviticus. wap wap.  so i find plenty of excuses to not get around to it during the day, but i'm aware of the fact that it's because i don't have a particular love for leviticus rather than because i have some kind of bloody and time-consuming emergency each and every day. 

and i realize this is how i am in my bible reading.  sometimes i'm all, woohoo! reading three months' worth of chapters in a week! i'm awesome and godly and also a fast reader! and other times i'm like, cool.  can't touch a pig carcass, but eating a cricket is fair game.  good to know.  and yet other times, i actually get kind of annoyed: are you kidding me, israelites? just get to the stupid promised's taking me forty years just to read this.  and also, please god don't strike me with boils or something for being a jerk to the hebrews. 

but the thing i realized today is that this is how i get in my spiritual life - how i act toward god.  i'm all excited and on-track when i like it, apathetic when it's only so-so, and actually kind of bitter about it when stuff isn't going my way.

but, like in my bible reading, if i allow my annoyance or bitterness to keep me from continuing to move forward in my relationship with god, it only means i'll be stuck in that place longer, not that i'll eventually get to avoid it.  because those lessons aren't going to learn themselves, and it's important to god that i learn them, regardless of how long it takes.

so, i should probably be better about powering through, rather than acting like a baby all the time.

problem: i'm a baby.
solution: power through.

easy-peasy.  so now that i figured that out, i guess i'm about perfect.  got this christian thing down.  next challenge.

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