five days until we move...!

in the last week and a half, all of the following have taken place in our home:

- penelope turned one,
- we closed on our house,
- we found out we needed to move this month,
- we've packed and hauled countless vanloads of crap,
- we've weaned atticus off his pacifier,
- we've weaned penelope off her bottle,
- we've had both sets of parents come to town,
- we threw penelope a birthday party,
- penelope was dedicated at church,
- we celebrated my sister's graduation, and
- our van died.

i am TIRED.  most of this stuff is good stuff (with the single exception of the vidivan biting the dust), but it's just been a lot. 

i think if i can just make it through alive until june, stuff will start to settle in.  we're officially moving into the house on sunday, and there's still a lot to do before then.  then the thursdsay after that, my grandparents from south carolina, and my parents, are coming to help with some repairs and stuff around the house.  then the last weekend in may i'll be cleaning up the apartment and touching up the paint... and in the meantime i'll be unpacking, putting in a garden, and trying to gather up all the stuff necessary to move to a new place (rugs, blinds, etc.)

whew.  three more weeks.  three more weeks.  three more weeks.

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Saved by grace said...

You are one busy woman!!!!

Can you share how you went about weaning from the pacifier? Eden needs to get rid of that thing but it seems like such a daunting task.