moving observation journal

what i've liked most about moving: PURGING!!! the whole back of my garage is filled with a bunch of stuff to the whole garage smells like sweet, sweet moolah. also, i'm really liking the bulging biceps i'm developing as a result of lifting boxes. because i'm considering entering some sort of lifting-stuff competition or check-out-my-oily-ripped-arms competition, those also smell like sweet, sweet moolah. and i like me some cash.

what i've liked least about moving: moving. and here's why:

1. i will miss this place, tiny and cramped though it is.
2. i hate change.
3. i hate packing boxes.
4. i hate unpacking boxes.
5. i don't have enough boxes, so i load some full ones up in the van, drive them to the new house, empty them, and bring them back. it's a messy, inefficient process at times.
6. the van died so i ran out of boxes.
7. moving interferes with garage sale-ing.

so, here's what i've learned:

1. i need to have a yearly purge, to reap the benefits of moving without having to pack boxes.

2. i should probably get on signing up for some kind of competition, before my ripped muscles return to their normal flaccid state and will no longer be able to earn me the cash for butcher block countertops.

3. i never want to move again, ever in my whole life.

4. blogging is hard when you're watching saturday night live on syndication.

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YAYA said...

How can Saturday Night be Live on syndication?