church nursery, get ready for the van voorsts.

atticus has decided that i am not the only one in our household carrying a baby.  while he readily confesses that baby finneas is in my belly, he has designated himself as carrying baby st. nicholas, todd as carrying baby moses, and penelope as carrying the baby jesus himself.

depending on how long atticus decides gestation will take, our family is about to get really colorful here pretty soon.


todd said...

That is a TLV TV show for some many reasons:

(1) Kids having kids
(2) Total number of kids
(3) Total number of kids under 4 yrs old
(4) Questinnable parenting
(5) Immaculate conceptions
(6) Jesus is returning to earth through the belly of my 21 month old daughter. When the angel told the disciples that the way Jesus left would by He also return, I don't think they envisioned a virgin birth being replayed again, let alone a 21 month old child giving birth to a child roughly 1/2 their own body weight. That would be like if Finneas was born at 60 pounds !

todd said...

I meant TLC

todd said...

And "questionnable".

Wow. I should re-read stuff before I push "publish"