wherein i tell you why your backseat will NOT be getting much action.

yesterday i parked in the parking garage at the OB office, and i walked past a car with a backseat full of stuff.  i don't just mean 'full of stuff' the way my van is full of stuff: stale graham crackers and board books and mcdonald's trash in random nooks and crannies.  i mean like, floor-to-ceiling, crammed-in-the-back-window, spilling-into-the-front-seat full.  cracker boxes and thermoses and clothing and giant glug cups (or whatever those things are called from the gas stations) and only-the-good-lord-knows what else.  and my knee-jerk, first-reaction, tip-of-the-brain thought?

"i would never marry that person."

now, i would just like to clarify three things here:

1) i am obviously not searching for a soulmate at this stage in life.  already have one, and his car is spotless except for after i drive it.

2) because i was at the OB office, it was probably a girl's car, which is entirely another reason why i would never marry that person.

3) my van is by no means the pinnacle of tidiness.  it is, in fact, a very large trash can on wheels.  so i am being a tad hypocritical here.  but i've already bagged me a man, so now i can really let my true colors shine.

however.  the point i am making here is that if you ARE a person searching for a soulmate, or a person who hopes to one day be the soulmate someone else is currently looking for, perhaps soberly evaluate the condition of your back seat.  because it DOES say something about who you are and how you live.  (i saw a show on HGTV once where this professional landlord guy who has had thousands of tenants said he always checks the backseat of an applicant's car before approving or denying their application.  so it just goes to show matters.  to a guy on hgtv and also to me.)

just a little something to think about.

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todd said...

Yeah, if they trash their own car, they are likely to trash the apartment they rent.