celebreality monday.

i am letting the TV teach my children to read.

i swore i would never be 'that mom.'  when we had free cable, we would limit their (or really, at that time, atticus was the only one of them watching) screen time to 20-30 minutes a couple mornings a week.  now, we don't even have pbs.  i've been known to fantasize that i'll homeschool using the charlotte mason method and spend hours on end reading books out loud to my enraptured children.  curriculum in a box? no thanks, i'm better than that - i'm totally capable of best catering my teaching approach to each individual child and  determining what i deem important for them to learn, thankyouverymuch. 

i even hate 'educational' toys.  not really because they're educational but because they all make noise and i hate noise.  so maybe it's unfair to include that on the list.


i caved and for atticus' birthday i got him the leapfrog letter factory video (VHS - old school) to watch in the van on the way home from town.  i figured it would keep him entertained and at least have some kind of educational value.  one month later, atticus can identify all the letters and most of their sounds.  penelope can identify over half of her letters and quite a few sounds as well.

now, i'm probably going to start handing out pamphlets on how much i love leapfrog and how it allowed me to pass off onto someone else what i could have (and arguably should have) done myself but was just too lazy.  and i'm cool with it on the inside, although i'm still a little embarrassed to admit that the full extent of their formal education has been provided by an animated frog.

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Anonymous said...

Eden LOVES that movie and that is how she learned all her letters and sounds. I tried doing flash cards and reading her lots of letters but she learned nothing from me...makes me feel like a failure but then again, at least she learned them!