christmas week!

i said it: it's CHRISTMAS WEEK here at home with the van voorsts.

what? christmas was over like a week and a half ago? and what? it's thursday already and that's an inappropriate time to topically dedicate a full week?  WHAT. EVER. Y'ALL.  i do what i want.

as it turns out, december was a bit of a whirlwind for us.  and i'm pretty sure we were the only ones on the planet who felt that way. 

the first weekend in december was atticus' birthday.  the following week, belated gifts and cards trickled in.  the next weekend, todd's parents came to visit and what was the first thing out of atticus' mouth when he saw them? 'where are my presents?'  that's when i knew he was (unfortunately?) old enough to understand christmas this year.  the following weekend was actual christmas, when we spent time at home as a family doing what else? opening gifts.  and last weekend, we went down to visit my side of the family, which involved three separate gift openings.

and while i am seriously considering getting a tattoo on my shoulder blade in tribute of my new fruit/veggie juicer (i'm thinking it will be a picture of a carrot with wings being juiced by a juicer with wings - thoughts?), i'm ready to have a breather from all the gifts.  atticus is getting a little too...expectant, if you know what i mean.  halfway through the month, todd was like, 'come january, he's going to wonder why no one loves him anymore.'  and for the next eleven months, that may very well seem to be the case after the veritable dharma drop that was december.

HOWEVER.  the thing i have loved most this month has been getting to see so much family!  so this 'week' (today through whenever i'm done) i'll be chronicling our many adventures to and fro over the season.

and also? i solemnly swear to you, dear reader, that i will leave my christmas lights and nativity set and live(ish) christmas tree up until i'm done chronicling, so you can rest assured that this won't go on forever...eventually the tree becomes a fire hazard, so i'm on a pretty strict time line. 

up next? admitting that it's 2012.  but not yet.  baby steps.

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