celebreality monday.

i have a lot of annoying and sometimes super wasteful habits.  the more you live with someone else the more you realize that you're not 'quirky' like you like to think of yourself, but you're downright annoying.  (i realize this not because todd says it, but because i realize if HE did these things around me i would be irritated.)

..i hardly ever finish a task or project or book from start to finish.  at least without a lot of distraction and procrastination and large lapses in time in between.

..i sometimes pick my nose.  there, i said it.

..i always forget to turn off the hall light.  like, ALWAYS.

..i'm always behind on laundry, not because i have too much of it to keep up with, but because i hate laundry.  so then stuff sits in there too long and smells like old washer water and has to be re-washed.  which means it takes me even longer to get it done.

..i refuse to drink the last bit of insert-beverage-here from the bottom of the glass because in my mind it's mostly backwash.

..i refuse to drink the milk out of my cereal bowl because it's gross when it tastes like cereal.

..i don't really eat leftovers.

..i'm not super tidy and i leave my crap everywhere until it bugs todd so much he picks up after me.

..i leave half-empty glasses of water EVERYWHERE.  (i'm like that kid from 'signs.')

..i spend too much time reading books and magazines and blogs and the paper and not enough time reading my bible.  or reading to my children.

..noise makes me grouchy, which means i'm usually grouchy.

..i make todd wash his feet when they stink and fart in the other room, but make him rue the day he hints that my 72-hour pajama marathons are getting a bit out of control.

..i HATE taking naps, so i don't, which means that on days when i need a nap i get really and preventably unpleasant.

..i don't make the bed.  ever.

i'm sure there are many, many more, and maybe i haven't even mentioned some of my worst offenders...i'm not sure.  i'm really tired and i always seem less annoying to myself when i'm barely coherent.  BUT.  these are definitely some.

anyone else pick their nose and want to announce it on the internet?  what's your most annoying habit?


todd said...

while the covenant i made to you before God is definitely the bedrock and anchor of our marriage, it is fun to read over this list of things and realize that it's a covenant i actually enjoy keeping. i love you because i love you and not simply because i've decided to do so.

Amy said...

First off, ^todd rocks.
Secondly, nice Friends reference ("rue the day"... totally used that this week).