now that we're two-thirds of the way done with january...

...i suppose i should finish up posting about christmas.  and i have been true to my promise that i would leave the christmas stuff up around my house until i was done blogging about it.  but hey, i'm a realist and i recognize that no one who reads this was actually holding me accountable to that and instead, my no-longer-live christmas tree is still up only because of my own laziness.  but my pregnancy supersense of smell (it can't really be called a sixth sense because smell is already one of the five senses, but it really is in a league all of its own) can tell that it's starting to rot.  every time i walk into the entryway i can smell it...that sickly sweet smell of stuff that's begging you to just let it go to the grave already.  (it doesn't help that i haven't watered it - or directed todd to water it - for nearly three full weeks now.)

which is how the deathbed desperation of my christmas decor leads to the rest of this post.

atticus 'helping me' make puppy chow.  he kept digging the spoon - or his hands - directly into the melted chocolate or bag of chocolate chips and coming up with quite the load.  he was quite the help.

helping me shake the bag, which ended up with him trying to eat the puppy chow THROUGH the bag.

penelope in her fancy christmas dress, all ready to go to the christmas eve service at church.  that tiny, pointy ponytail was my personal christmas miracle, sent directly from heaven to make me happy.

watching mommy get ready for church.

after church, opening new pajamas to wear to bed.

we have to gather ourselves together properly before going absolutely nutso over the presents.  these are his new christmas jammies.

sis' new christmas jammies.

atticus' new guitar, which we have not told him is a hand-me-down walmart guitar from todd's younger days that we had to spray paint to cover todd's teenage artistry and choice of stickers.  he doesn't seem to mind.

penelope's new owl hat.  which we bought over the summer in south dakota but is particularly funny now that she has glasses.

opening his stocking.

reading her new bible.  wearing her new hat.  fancy girl.

atticus helping todd open his stocking.

todd showing atticus the ornament he got.  (every year we get something from the world vision gift catalog for each member of the family, and get a fair trade ornament labeled with the details of the gift.)

finneas was not left out; i made him a couple flannel swaddling blankets and a heavier-duty blanket for his bed.  also a flannel stocking with a sherpa cuff.  he strikes me as a 'plaid flannel' kind of kid.

looking a bit dazed from the festivities, but they survived to tell the tale!

 the weekend after christmas, we all went down to my parents' for a final christmas hurrah.

after opening our gifts, we spent a LOT of time reading our new books.

and also looking like a maniac after opening 'martha stewart's encyclopedia of crafts.'  watch it, judgey. 

reading more books.

and THAT, friends, was our christmas.  whew.  time to send the tree to the chipper, put the nativity set away, and completely ignore the lights until next christmas take down the lights.  ugh.

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