celebreality hiatus for the birthday boy.

atticus is three today.  i won't even go into how baffled i am that this could be possible already.  he has been alive for the entirety of obama's presidency.  which seems like he's been alive forever.  and politics aside, i'd vote for another term (or twenty) of this kid.

yesterday we threw him a party, and it was the first year he's really 'gotten' what was going on.  he specifically asked for a chocolate cake with white frosting and a train on top.  the kids helped me make the cake and frosting that atticus requested.  they were most helpful in the cleaning up stage.

yesterday, immediately upon waking, atticus was like, 'i have my party now?'  but instead of partying hard at 7:45 a.m., we held off for a bit and todd took the kids to church.  i stayed home and cleaned, decorated, and made myself presentable (i.e., bathed, which is more than i can say happens most days).

my mom and stepdad, my dad and his wife, and my sister joined us to celebrate, and once todd and the kids got home from church, we kicked off the party in high style.

being a not-planner of parties, i make do.  lunch meat on a tray? cheap, easy and deceptively high class-looking.  insert random celebrity and/or hooker joke here.

party decorations took me all of 7 minutes, and that's only because i'm pregnant and couldn't get up and down off the chair to tape streamers to the walls as quickly as usual.  i think this is the fanciest this chandelier has ever been, which is saying a lot since this chandelier is pretty fancy.

after eating lunch, atticus opened presents.

you can see here that penelope has her one good eye on atticus' new sneakers.  she is a shoe girl through and through.  as soon as he looked away...

...she scurried off with them to the safety of the kitchen chair to try to put them on herself.  she was not a fan of the elastic band holding them together.  such a diva.

after presents, we had cake and ice cream.  note to self: next year, cake and ice cream first.  it's hard getting little people back to the table once there are new toys to be played with, even when lots of sugar is there beckoning them.

atticus blew out his candles like a professional candle blower-outer.

as we've established, atticus turned three.

i know birthdays are supposed to be about the birthday kid, but i just spent the entire day thinking about the night i went into labor with atticus, and the whole experience of bringing him into the world.  i was probably more nostalgic than usual since i'm preparing for yet another upcoming birth.  but either way... until i became a mom, i never thought about birthdays as an opportunity to celebrate the actual work involved in shoving a human into the world.  and to be honest, i loved laboring with atticus (no, i'm not insane, i was just effectively medicated) and that whole time was just surreal and magical and perfect, and i loved spending the whole day thinking about my sweet boy and the privilege i have been given in being his mom.

i love all three years of this little boy and pray hard that i will be given an eternity with him.


YAYA said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUDDY!!!! Yaya loves you very much!!!

Rhonda said...

I Did not forget his birthday but I don,t have your new address!! Love you all!!