this sucks. or doesn't, depending on whether you read the part about the cat hair.

so, it's been a while since i've gotten on this crazy spinning machine called the internetz.  (also, i've turned 80 years old and also weird since then, if you can't tell.)  if you're paying attention, you will notice that i've back-posted in an attempt to look pulled together and on top of things. 

but seriously, i have i have been spending my time banking up stories to tell you all.  so you're welcome.

get this:  last week, i went to our apartment to check my email, and walked in the door to find that somebody had been in our apartment ripping up our carpet, and our vacuum was missing.  (yes, i intentionally left our vacuum in our vacant apartment; i was planning on coming back later to clean and didn't feel like hauling it back and forth.  i didn't realize they were letting random people in, so i figured it would be safe.)  so i ran down the hall and banged on the apartment managers' door.

paige: hey mr. manager, i left my vacuum in my apartment, but now it's gone.  have you seen it?

mr. manager: uh...well, uh...i don't know... maybe....was it purple?

p: yes it was.  (oh and also, it would have been the only one you stole from my apartment.)  ring a bell?

mr. m: oh, well, yeah, i guess i did see that... but then nathan used it to clean another apartment and it got clogged with cat hair, so he took it all apart to clean it and now it's in pieces.

p: that's great, really.  the best story i've heard all day.  you really can spin a yarn.   and also, can i get it back by any chance?

mr. m: probably.  let me talk to nathan.

so 15 minutes later, nathan (mr. manager's son and also next-door-neighbor, by the way) brings it back, all in one piece.  and yes it looks fantastically clean, but according to nathan it's apparantly missing a seal and blows dust everywhere when you vacuum.  which wasn't the case before all of this happened.  awesome.

so let's recap:

1.  they entered my apartment without my permission, even though we were still paying rent.

2.  they stole my vacuum.

3.  they used my vacuum to clean someone else's hairy apartment, probably without their permission.

4.  they broke my vacuum.

5.  they acted like they didn't know what i was talking about when i said i was missing a vacuum.

6.  there was a meth lab down the hall from us, which has nothing to do with the vacuum story but i thought it pertinent.

and you're in for a treat, because this isn't even the weirdest our move-out got. 

maybe no one else cares about this as much as i do, but come on.  who does this? also, if you didn't catch it, my vacuum is purple and therefore irreplaceable.  and also, vacuums cost like $100 bucks and unless i plan on actually selling any mary kay products instead of just using them myself (read: unlikely), i can't afford a new one.

keep on keepin' on.  (that's a weird thing to say, if you didn't realize.)

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Uh, I'd be requesting a new vacuum! Or at least that they have yours FIXED to it's original condition!