okay, so about the bat.

on tuesday i started the story about finding a bat basically in bed with us.  here are the deets:

last thursday night, todd woke up in the middle of the night because he thought he heard a sound, and when he looked over he thought he saw something move by our window.  thinking it was a squirrel or a giant moth or something right outside on the glass, he got a little freaked out.  (i should mention here that our bed is placed directly in front of a bay window, so our heads are mere inches from the glass.  also we don't have curtains up yet, so there is nothing between us and the window.)   to clarify:

so he woke me up to see if i had heard anything, but considering i basically enter an eight-hour coma every night, i hadn't.  but i looked over to see if i could make anything out, and i saw this giant thing moving against the glass.  in my coma-stupor, i thought it was a june bug and got totally freaked out.  but then todd flipped on the light to see it better and it was a BAT.  here's a photo:

(see how that bat was all ready to attack me? and also, don't judge my sparse, messy hair.  i am sleeping and this is what it looks like when i'm sleeping.  just love me for me.)

todd and i ran out of the room freaking out, and todd shut the door behind him, but the transom was still open so we were super freaked out that thing was coming for us.  so todd ran downstairs and grabbed the tennis racquet while i stayed in the bathroom with the door closed.

after getting up the guts to go back in the room (and saying, 'i want to cry' and 'i feel sick' a bunch of times), he ran in the room, tennis racquet a-blazin'.  i just sat in the bathroom and laughed uncontrollably.  (which is a result of reaction formation, the knowledge of which is the only proof i have that my private-college psychology degree was worth every penny.)  todd would occasionally yell, and finally i heard a thump and todd came out, tired but victorious.

but then we had to figure out what to do with a dead-or-maybe-just-unconscious bat.  i didn't want todd to just put it outside, because if it was alive it'd probably get back in the house, and if it was dead atticus would probably end up pulling a makenna and turning its carcass into his new best pal.  but todd didn't want to just put it in the trash can in case it was just oppossum-ing us, just to have it fly out and exact vengeance the next time todd went to take the garbage out.  so he pulled on his trusty yardwork-and-picking-up-dead-stuff gloves, wrapped the bat in an old hand towel that i stole from my mom (but is probably older than i am, so i think its time has come anyway and therefore she can't get mad when she reads this) and tied it in a plastic grocery sack.

i really hope it was bashed to death rather than smothered inside that plastic bag.  i mean, i hate rabies as much as the next guy.  but there's no need to be cruel.

(myth: three americans die every year from rabies.  fact: FOUR americans die every year from rabies. thank you, michael scott.)

2 comments : said...

Oh my word. I love you Van Voorsts. LOVE tthe drawing of you in bed with the bat. :-)

The Crislers said...

After several bat encounters of our own, Derek has become an excellent bat-slayer. Hopefully either Todd will also become a jaded, super-efficient Batman- or you just won't have any more bats.