'member that time?

hey, 'member that time when todd asked me out and i would have really enjoyed the weekend except that i had the flu and had diarrhea the whole time?  and 'member how i didn't want him to know i had massive diarrhea, so i made him stand in the hallway outside my dorm room basically all weekend so he couldn't hear anything? and 'member how he took me to a movie, but i missed like all of it because i was, well, diarrhea-ing?

i'm a lucky, lucky girl to have found a guy who would only assume the best about me (which was that i was merely puking.  not sure to what he chalked up the smell.)  and he's a lucky, lucky guy to have found a girl so open and honest and transparent that she would not only correct him of this mistake, but also post this story on the internet (for clarification, of course).

i really have no shame.

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