isn't it ironic? no...not really.

on the radio the other day, they were playing that 'ironic' song by alanis morrisette. (yes, i listen to a station that would play that.  but because i'm quite confident you have a closet obsession with justin timberlake, i don't feel ashamed about listening to kitschy music.)  and i realized that most of the stuff she sings about in that song is not actually ironic, it's just mostly what i would describe as unfortunate.

a traffic jam when you're already late? inevitable.

a no-smoking sign on your cigarette break? it's 2011 in america; who even smokes anymore?

10,000 spoons when all you need is a knife? use the handle of of one spoon to shave down the handle of another spoon into a sort of shiv, macguyver.

and then my personal favorite, 'meeting the man of my dreams and then meeting his beautiful wife.'  unless you're attracted to penniless, unemployed hobos, or ugly alcoholic clowns, or something, chances are the man of your dreams is also the man of someone else's dreams.  so you should have seen it coming.  and may i please point out that the man of your dreams must not have given you a heads-up about the 'i'm married'-thing, which seems a bit shady and not at all dreamy to me.  either that, or you've known the guy for like 10 seconds.  in which case, how do you know he's really the man of your dreams and not just some sexual predator with nice hair or whatever?

and the thing i find TRULY ironic about this song is that the man of alanis morrisette's dreams is uncle joey from full house.

oh, did i say ironic? i meant, unfortunate.

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