'member that time? *special 'rabies week' edition!

hey, 'member that time my mom took my sister and me on a walk at the local college, and how there was this random tame squirrel just running around over there? and 'member how he was like a dog and wanted to be petted?  and 'member how i was all, 'i don't care if it has rabies i'm petting this squirrel if it's the last thing i do'?

it wasn't.  the last thing i did, i mean.  i've done some stuff since then.  none of it seems as important, though, now that i've pet a squirrel.

our official theme this week here at the minivan voorsts is 'stuff that could have eaten me alive and/or given me rabies.'  otherwise known as 'rabies week.'  it's going to be a thrill ride.


tori said...

Wow. Coincidently, I also posted about escaping death as a child--even before I read the special rabies edition piece. Great minds think alike.

The Crislers said...

You know, when I asked the doc what would happen to Adelaide if we didn't get those seven rabies shots after our bat incident, I got a long and traumatic lecture about what death-by-rabies looks like. Let's just say it isn't pretty and I'm glad you didn't contract it.