christmas decorating: porch lights

we have a glassed-in porch on the front of our house, which i was super excited to string with lights this year.  so proactively i went to hobby lobby and bought a bunch of those suction-cup hook things, and got ready to string the yards and yards of lights i purchased at a garage sale this summer.  (we have 13 windows across the front, so the 'yards and yards of lights' are not an exaggeration nor unnecessary.)

well, turns out those suction cup things only suck, they don't suction, because half of them wouldn't even stick to the window in the first place and the other half popped off the second the lights touched them.

so i tried scotch tape.

unsurprisingly, a no-go.

so i came inside ready to get creative and/or violent and luckily came across a bunch of thumbtacks, most of which were clear (and a few of which were kicky neon, which perked me up a bit).  but do you have any idea how hard it is to drive a tiny thumbtack into a solid wood window pane?!  NOT FUN. 

so pretty soon i was only partway done and my thumb was all blistered from tacking, and the lights were all askew and i found myself saying weird stuff out loud like, "unfortunately for you fellas, christmas is non-negotiable," and "damn the jellyfish! DAMN ALL THE JELLYFISH!" which really doesn't make sense in the context but it came to mind so i said it.  what can i say? i'm a big mess of crazy.

anyway.  i got one half of the porch done and called it quits for the day week and a half.  i finally got around to finishing it, but i think i'm going to turn all white trash and leave them up there until next christmas because a) it's festive and i think we should change our opinions of people who do that and b) thinking of having to do this again in 11.5 months makes my thumb threaten to secede.

however, it really did end up being worth it:

doesn't that make you want to just curl up on that porch swing with a cup of cocoa and bask slowly freeze to death in the glow?  it does me.


allison said...

try to hammer them in like nails next time. i have resorted to that in the past when using thumbtacks. just a thought

todd said...

this picture turned out really cool. you did a great job with the lights (and admittedly I also thought to myself the other day that we could possibly leave them up year round if you like!)

MamaMae said...

they look beautiful! what a cozy abode! xoxo

Laura said...

The porch looks beautiful. A lost thumb well spent. PS, I LOVE reading your posts. They make me giggle.

Allison said...

When I drove by the other day I fell in LOVE with your lights! They are gorgeous!

By the way...I'm just about to that episode of FRIENDS! At least you didn't have to pee on yourself.