what's the story...? (how punny am i?!)

we've been settling into our new house this week, and there are some things i'm having to get used to:

having to babysit my stainless appliances (boohoo for me, right?  'my wallet is too small for my fifties, and my diamond shoes are too tight.')

living with the fact that our house is F-F-F-FAH-REEZING.  59 degrees when we get up in the morning.  that's no lie.  but who runs the heat in the middle of may?

keeping track of small children.

no clean laundry...oh, and also, mopping up the floor from where the washer broke, but it's okay because the dryer is broken too, and my clothesline is falling down, so i'd have to dry any clean clothes off the side of the deck like a hillbilly.  so a broken washer is probably a blessing.  keeps me from turning into a hillbilly.

yard work. 

also, finding a rusty, broken off, serrated saw blade in my grass.  while walking barefoot.  with my barefoot child.

 and also, finding someone else's trash bag that blew into our yard that was full of prescription medications and cockroaches.  even though they're gross, at least those things have been living on a steady diet of leftover antidepressants, so they're not too upset about it.

getting chased down by the colony of wasps that have made their home in our screened in porch/gazebo/yard room-thing.

cooking again...i got off easy the last few weeks while packing and getting back into the habit of actually providing food for my kids (and husband) is lame.

the neighbor's dog finding its way into my kitchen somehow.

EVERYBODY waving at you when you're on a walk...which i'm having to get used to in a good way.

well, i should go.  i came into town to go tanning, and sitting in my threadbare apartment alone while surfing the web is not getting that accomplished.  although it is getting me closer to becoming an alcoholic.

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Saved by grace said...

HAHAHAHA!!!! Your posts crack me up!!!

oh and I do hear a good tan goes well with stainless appliances.